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Thank you for choosing CUA Health.

Please read the following important information before completing your application form. 

If you are not entitled to Medicare benefits, or not a permanent resident of Australia, please contact us before continuing with your application.

Entitlements and Exclusions
Before you commence we recommend that you specifically read the following sections of the CUA Health insurance brochure outlining your entitlements:
- Waiting periods
- Other things you should know
- Hospital Exclusions / Benefits / Benefit limitation periods
- Extras Exclusions / Benefits / Benefit limitation periods

CUA Health is subject to the National Privacy Principles as set out in our Privacy Notice regarding the collection, use, disclosure and storage of your personal information. For the purpose of Online Services, persons aged 18 years and over will be considered adults and subject to the privacy principles. The primary policy holder will have access to all information on the policy for all dependants. Should a dependant over 18 wish to keep their personal information private they may do so by contacting CUA Health.

Transferring from another private health insurer
 As products vary between insurers we will contact your previous insurer (with your permission) to obtain a clearance certificate.  This information is used to determine any lifetime health cover loading, waiting periods or benefit exclusions you may have. Payment of any claims you make may be delayed until we receive your clearance certificate.

Before you continue please have the following information available:
a) An email address (if you don't have one please contact us for your options)
b) Details of all persons to be covered under this policy.
c) Details of your bank or credit card account. 
d) Details of any previous policy with another health insurer
e) Your Medicare Card
f) Your Australian Government Rebate on Private Health Insurance Income Tier from the Australian Taxation Office.

Our application wizard will now guide you through the application process.